Bring the human connection & expertise of your physical store to your online customers


We Design Your Platform

We provide you with your own branded video appt website that you can share via your social and website. This has a welcome video that you can customise and has a simple booking system that allows your customer to book a video shopping appt at a time that suits them

Email & Text Alerts

Once they make a booking, they will get an email and text message that contains the booking details and a unique link that allows them to connect at the time of the appointment.

Extensive Admin Dashboards

You will also get a notification email of the appt and we give you access to an online admin dashboard that allows you to view and manage your appointments. This dashboard also contains useful info such as names, contact details, and information on what they are shopping for in advance of the video appointment.

Integrated Payment Gateways

At the end of the call when the customer has decided what they want to purchase, our system creates an easy way to make payment there and then.

Why Offer Video Appointments?

The human connection, trust and emotion of a physical retail store are all key advantages independent retailers enjoy over big box online retailers. Unfortunately, until now, this human touch has been difficult to translate to the online experience and so makes it for independent retailers to compete online with larger competitors who enjoy significant economies of scale. Video Appointments enable independent retailers to maximise their unique selling point in the online environment, offering the same great in-store expertise and experience online.

Convenience & Flexibility for Your Customers

Customers can continue to get the expert opinion of their favourite store assistant at a time and place that’s convenient for them, offering them peace of mind and confidence in their purchase.

Keep Your Doors Virtually Open During Lockdown

The retail industry has felt the effects of Covid-19 more than most. Lockdowns and reduced store capacity have had a devastating impact. Video appointments enable you to keep your doors virtually open during lockdown enabling you to continue offering your customers that same great experience in the lead up to Christmas.

Increased Spend

Video appointments drive higher conversions with 75%-85% of all appointments completing a purchase. Furthermore customers who engage in video appointments spend 30%-40% more than if they browse online unassisted.

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